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PJ Milani

The Visual Teacher


I'm PJ Milani (aka @milanicreative) and I simplify complexity through visual metaphors.

In the last 2 years, I've created 400+ visuals to grow an organic international audience of 200,000+ followers and I teach others to do the same. I work with authors & speakers to clarify, simplify, and amplify their insights to their audiences.

  • Chris Donnelly

    Co-Founder Lottie and Found

    "PJ is one of the best visual storytellers out there. The way he breaks complex topics down with beautiful images is truly inspiring."

  • Adam Grant

    NYT Bestselling Author

    "PJ Milani has a remarkable ability to bring complex concepts to life. His creative visuals are masterful in illustrating and illuminating ideas."

  • Matthew Dicks

    Author & Storyteller

    "PJ never ceased to make me see the world in a different and clearer way through his use of his visuals. It's single-frame storytelling at its best."

  • Alex Weic

    Creator of Alex & Books

    "PJ is an incredibly talented visual creator. His visuals are awesome and my audience loves them too!"

  • "PJ is truly a visual teacher. His ability to capture the essence of a complex, abstract idea and break it down into an engaging, single message is remarkable. His visuals don’t just complement a concept. They elevate it."

    Sahil Bloom

    Entrepreneur and Writer

  • "PJ's visuals have helped bring my social media writing to life in ways that I'd never be able to express on my own. Whenever I have something to say, that my writing can't capture on its own, I turn to PJ to design it. One of the most talented visual designers around."

    Justin Welsh

    The Diversified Solopreneur

  • "PJ is exceptionally gifted in communicating visually with clear, concise and unique illustrations. This partnered with his expertise in educating makes him my first recommendation when someone is looking to learn how to visually communicate. "

    M.J. Boorman


  • "A master of bringing complex topics out of the abstract and into the tangible with simple metaphors. PJ doesn’t just teach lessons, he gets invested in you as a person and wants to see you succeed long after the class is over!"

    Hannah Wilson


  • "PJ is not only one of the most inspiring people I've met, with his beautiful visuals, but also an incredibly warm and caring person. End result? His work positively impacts both the heart and mind."

    Eric Partaker

    Author & CEO Coach

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©2024 Milani Creative LLC. All Rights Reserved

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